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Places to eat in Samarkand

Osh Markazi

Plov (palov, pulao) is the national dish of Uzbekistan, and every city and region has their own version. When you’re in Samarkand, you would not want to miss out on the plov in Osh Markazi. It is one of the best places to get Plov in Samarkand. You have to get there on time because they can run out quickly. The rice is cooked in a massive pan, braised in flax-seed oil, with tons of caramelized yellow carrots and tender beef. After ordering a plate, the plov master will serve out huge proportions of rice drizzled in the fragrant oil, accompanied by a layer of tender carrots falling apart inside the rice. Not to forget the tasty beef that enhances the taste of the dish.

Location: IBN SINO St, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Operating Hours: 11.30 AM - 3.00 PM (Daily)

Domashnii Restaurant

A renowned local restaurant famous for its chickpeas, tucked within the neighborhood. The salads are also great with a wide selection of fresh herbs, pickles, and yogurt that you can’t go wrong with. The chickpeas are stewed until it’s tender and almost dissolving into the broth, with lamb that’s almost equally as juicy and soft. Although there are not much spices and seasoning in the dish, the comfort that the dish’s texture offers is on another level. The dish makes it worth visiting for a second lunch in Samarkand.

Location: M2F4+M9 Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Operating Hours: 10.00 AM - 9.00 PM (Daily)

Ikrom Shashlik

Ikrom Shashlik restaurant is a locally popular restaurant for all the Uzbek kebabs in Samarkand. One of Samarkand's greatest grill-masters, when you’re at the restaurant, you will know he earned the title. He works the 21 meter kebab grill for over 20 years, and with full concentration, perfecting each and every skewer that goes on the grill. Each kebab has a different touch to it, marinated in light spices, but mostly relying on the cuts of meat, and an expert grilling with perfect smoke point. The main dish - actual kebab is excellent, and like many of the Uzbek kebabs, it is very dense and spongy in texture with a great balance of flavour and juice.

Location: Sat-Tepo Street, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Operating Hours: 8.00 AM - 11.00 PM (Daily)

Karimbek Restaurant

Restaurant "Karim Beck", one of the best outlets among Bek restaurants in Samarkand. Conveniently located at the intersection of Amir Timur and Gagarin streets makes it a popular destination for residents and also guests. Karimbek provides a menu with a wide range of choices. Not only does the restaurant serve Uzbek national cuisine, European cuisine is also available to satisfy everyone’s taste! The restaurant has been divided into three sections, a European room, an eastern courtyard and a bar. The hall, courtyard and bar are decorated accordingly, and carry a special style. Don't miss out the chance to taste different types of Uzbek wines and other beverages in the bar.

Location: Gargarina St. 194 (at Amir Temur St), Samarkand, Uzbekistan, 140164
Operating Hours: 9.00 AM - 11.00 PM (Daily)

Staraya Arba

Situated in the European quarter of Samarkand, is where Staraya Arba (also known as Old Arba) is located. The restaurant is connected to the Arba Hotel and it is close to the major historic sites such as the Shah-i-Zinda and the University Boulevard. With two dining halls and several private rooms, a relaxing and bright environment for customers to enjoy their meal. Here, you can enjoy national and European gourmet cuisine, with 30 salads and 30 hot dishes on the menu, including the restaurant's signature dish bedona (stuffed quails).

Location: Samarkand, Samarqand Region, Uzbekistan
Operating Hours: 7.00 AM - 11.00 PM (Daily)