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Amulet Hotel

Amulet Hotel is a small quaint romantic hotel located in Bukhara. The Amulet Hotel is located within walking distance for a sightseeing adventure of a few popular historical landmarks such as The Ark Fortress, Ismail Samanid Mausoleum, and Chor-Minor. The hotel offers a comfortable and air-conditioning room with a flat screen TV and free wifi to stay connected with relatives. The hotel also features a friendly and professional staff on a 24-hour front desk with an express check-in and check-out. Worry not, there is an available parkings for guests with vehicles. In addition, guests are able to start their day with a good breakfast in the morning.

Malika Bukhara Hotel

The Malika Bukhara hotel is well decorated with a modern-looking interior and a pleasant courtyard and terrace for enjoyments. The four-star hotel offers cosy large rooms with air-conditioning, cabled TV and free wifi. Within the premises, a restaurant is made available for daily meals and beverages with reasonable prices. Guests are able to enjoy a good and enjoyable buffet breakfast and tea. The hotel is equipped with a 24-hour reception and staff ready at your service. In addition, the hotel staff are capable of speaking a few languages such as Russian and English as well as Turkish.

Lyabi House Hotel

Lyabi House Hotel is an exquisite looking hotel that is ideally located in the ancient and enchanting part of Bukhara. Lyabi House Hotel is located in the streets of N. Khusainov in Building 7 of Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Due to its location being near to the Lyabi-Hauz Complex, the hotel was named after it. The restaurant in the hotel provides Uzbek cuisine, served on the terrace during the warm season. The property also offers quite a few amenities such as 24-hour front desk, comfortable, cosy, and well air-conditioned rooms equipped with bathrooms, baggage storage, airport transportation, and most importantly free wifi and breakfast.

Sasha & Son

Homely atmosphere and personal hospitality awaits you in this charming small hotel called Sasha & Son. It provides guests with the best private hotel facilities in Bukhara. Sasha & Son hotel is also known for a hotel giving the best rejuvenation and relaxing rest amongst its past and present visitors. It is also well known for its family-friendliness environment. This hotel is located at the entrance of the ancient City and gives the feel of 1001 nights Oriental tales. This is a great little hotel in a perfect location just a few minutes walk from the very heart of Bukhara. The rooms are well air-conditioned and equipped with bathrooms and essential toiletries. In addition, the hotel provides free wifi and breakfast every morning.

Asia Bukhara Hotel

Providing comfortable rooms equipped with a bathroom, a flat TV screen, a refrigerator, room services, and free access to wifi, Asia Bukhara Hotel aims to give the best of the best to its guests in this ancient Bukhara city. There is also a help desk opened at all times. In addition, the property offers a pool for relaxation and free breakfast in the morning, which will help make your Bukhara trip additionally gratifying. Moreover, there are free parking spaces available for present guests.