Places to Visit

Places to Visit in Ferghana Valley

Alisher Nazirov Pottery House

The town of Rishtan is located on one of the many branches of the Great Silk Road. The production of ceramics arose about a thousand years ago and continues to grow in scale. Raw materials such as red clay are mined next to the city, making Fergana ideal for pottery production. There is also a guest house offering accommodation and pottery making workshops in the town. Usto (master) Alisher Nazirov lived in Rishtan for seven decades and was awarded the UNESCO diploma and a member of the Academy of Arts.

Location: Babur str, 50 Rishtan, Ferghana,Uzbekistan

Palace of Khudayar Khan

Palace of Khudayar Khan was built according to the instructions of the ruler in 1871. The palace building currently houses a local history museum listed on the World Heritage List. The cannons are positioned at the entrance, with massive towers on each side, a minaret and a finely carved fence surrounding the palace. The golden throne of Khudsar Khan, inlaid with jewels, is housed in the Hermitage of St. Petersburg. Above the carved wooden doors is the inscription of the coloured ceramics “Great Said Muhammad Khudayar Khan”.

Location: Kokand, Uzbekistan
Opening Hours: 9.00AM - 5.00PM (Daily)

Yodgorlik Silk Factory

The ancient city of Margilan in Uzbekistan is known for its famous "Khan-atlas", or "royal silk". The factory still produces handmade silk using age-old methods passed down from generation to generation. Each process is all done by hand from building cocoons of the silkworms to extracting silk thread and dyeing the silk. During springtime, the mountainsides are filled with red tulips which grow wild in the Fergana Valley region. The factory also produces a blend of cotton and silk, called "Adras".

Location: Zuhro st., Margilan, Uzbekistan
Opening Hours: 8.00AM - 5.00PM (Daily)

Kumtepa Bazaar

The Kumtepa Bazaar is located 5km west of Margilon centre. Rows of handmade khanatlas and adras silk are available here. Uzbek matrons dressed in locally produced khan atlas dresses and headscarves and men in skullcaps and chapan (heavy quilted jacket). Rows of ripe, bright and juicy bread, local flour products and also spices and dried fruits. The colours and varieties around the bazaar all this makes the visitors go to the colourful eastern market. Keep in mind that the situation around the bazaar will be hectic and crowded especially on Sundays.

Location: Margilan, Uzbekistan
Opening Hours: 4.00AM - 4.20PM (Tuesday,Thursday & Sunday)


Rishtan is a small ancient town in Ferghana valley located between Kokand and Fergana. In the 9th-10th centuries, Rishtan became a transit point on the Great Silk Road where every adult male was a potter. By the end of the 19th century, it turned into one of the largest centers of production of glazed dishes in Central Asia. It is known that it was the Rishtan pottery that made tiles of Khudoyar Khan's palace in Kokand. Production of potteries still continues as now ceramists work at private workshops, teach students and collect new orders.

Location: Rishtan, Uzbekistan

Chakar Mosque

Chakar Mosque was built in 1329 AH (1911) by Tuhtabek and Mirbobo Hoxha. During the Soviet era, most of the buildings were destroyed due to the city's redevelopment. In the end,only the iwan remained intact which is known as the summer mosque. The mosque is notable for its interior as the ceiling space of the mosque is decorated with beautiful paintings in the form of floral bouquets. The Chakar Mosque was previously a majestic place and rebuilt into a small, cosy mosque.

Location: Ferghana Region

Jami Mosque Muzeum

Jami Mosque was built by Umar Khan in 1812. During the Mongol invasions the Jami Mosque, as well as the entire city, was destroyed. It is based on a 22-metre minaret and consists of a vibrant 100-metre-long portico supported by 98 red-wood columns from India. The entire complex reverted to its former Soviet appearance and style. There is also a small workshop on-site that offers delicious pistachio-flavoured halva (fudge-like sweet).

Location: Kokand,Fergana,Uzbekistan
Opening Hours: 9am-5pm