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Eco-Tourism in Tashkent

Chimgan Ski Resort

If you are looking for a place for some nature enjoyment and fun winter sports, then you should definitely go to Chimgan Ski Resort. Chimgan Ski Resort is a ski resort located in the Western Tien Shan which is nearby to the capital. The resort provides views of the snow-clad mountains at an altitude of 1,600 m, in which the highest point in the vicinity rises up to 3,309 m and resembles a giant star. Situated 85 km from Tashkent, the area gives locals and travellers one full-day of fun and excitement. Starting with the wonderful views on the drive there, with many choices of accommodations nearby for a rest. Located nearby is a breathtaking clear water of the Gulkam Waterfalls Trail. Do be sure to come to the ski resort during December till mid-March as it is a high season for skiing.

Alisher Navoi National Park

Founded in 1932 and was then named “Komsomolsky” in Soviet times, Alisher Navoi National Park is one of the biggest urban parks in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Later in the years it was then named after a great medieval enlightener named Alisher Navoi. With a beautiful lake covering an area of 65 hectares and a network of canals, the park is commonly visited by many locals and tourists mainly for strolls. The A. Navoi National Park can be found along the streets of Almazar which is known to be one of the major arteries of Tashkent. Just opposite of the Besh-Agach Square is the main entrance of the park, adorned with flower beds and green area of long alleys which gives off an ambience of a special romantic atmosphere. Visitors are also allowed to scull a boat, ride a bike, or roller-skate in the park.

Tashkent Zoo

In 1924, Tashkent Zoo was discovered to be a small menagerie at the time and was located at the Art Museum. The zoo comprises an area of 3 hectares of land. The zoo currently settles in an area of 22.7 hectares of land with 349 kinds of animals which consists of mammals, reptiles, birds and fishes inhabiting open-air cages. As of September 2009, the zoo has included in its collection, exotic animals all the way from Malaysia. Among them is the Malaysian sun bear which is known to be the rarest type of bear. Tashkent is also known for its aquarium that is inhabited by sharks, moray eels, and turtles.

Tashkent Botanical Garden

It is worth saying that the Tashkent Botanical Garden is beautiful in every season that comes in terms of its organised, harmonious, and well-balanced form. Every zone of the Tashkent Botanical garden has its own peculiarities, beauties, and uniqueness. It can be said that it is not necessary to leave the city just to enjoy nature as the botanical garden has all that you need for a fresh air of strolls or research purposes. All park sectors are close to each other allowing visitors to start to walk from any climate region, either the flora of America, Europe, or Asia.