Uzbekistan is a country with an extreme continental climate hence different region has different temperature accordingly. It is generally warmest in the south and coldest in the north. Regardless, it is important to prepare things that are suitable (to prevent you from not being able to enjoy your trip there)

What Do You Need To Know?


Weather - Uzbekistan’s climate is arid continental and it often has a significant annual variation in temperature. The northern region of Uzbekistan is temperate, while the southern region is subtropical. The country’s experiences extreme fluctuations bring the temperature to be as low as -35 degrees celsius. Air temperatures in the desert can range between 45-49 degrees Celsius. Humidity is low and rainfall is small in the Uzbek plains (between 80-200 millimetres).

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Time Zone


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The Uzbekistani Som is the currency of Uzbekistan. The currency code for Sums is UZS, and the currency symbol is лв.

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Visas and Passports

Check out the respective embassy for visa rules and passport validity.


Various affordable hotels available in Uzbekistan. Additionally, Airbnb is another option for tourists to use. Be sure to book in advance during the tourist season between March and May, and between August and October.


Wifi is now common in tourists hotels and many restaurants and cafes to ease your worries. The wifi speeds range from glacial to lighting-fast but are usually very adequate. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter work well there with an exception of politically sensitive Uzbek languages sites. Do take note that communication programs like Skype and Whatsapp frequently do no work properly.


Depending on the seasons of the year, wrap up warm during winter with winter clothes as temperature can be as low as -35C; Light clothing is recommended as summer temperature can reach to 45C.


DO NOT forget to pack your prescription tablets and any other medicines that you think you might need in case you fall sick. However, if you typically take a controlled narcotic or a psychotropic substance as a prescription you must declare your medicine on the customs form and be prepared to present the actual medicine when you present your documents and luggage to the customs agent at the border crossing point.

Dialling Prefixes

+998, varies between regions in Uzbekistan

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Pre-paid sim cards

Uzbekistan has 4 national GSM-based network operators:

This is added by Perfectum on CDMA-only (not compatible to GSM networks) and the Korean-backed wireless broadband provider EVO that operates on WiMAX (not compatible with GSM networks) and shifts to TD-LTE now covering mostly Tashkent only.

Cost of the package varies from carrier to carrier. For Mobiuz, they offer two different base plans for tourist:
  • Tourist SIM Lite: 200 domestic minutes, 200 domestic SMS and 3 GB data: 21,000 sum (USD 2.01)
  • Tourist SIM: 400 domestic minutes, 400 domestic SMS and 8 GB data: 42,000 sum (USD 4.01)
  • Overuse is 421.04 sum (USD0.04) per MB, but you can add data packages.

Emergency numbers

Fire Service(101),

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